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Patch notes
Dear koi farmers, Lightning flashes during thunderstorms can now be turned off by a menu setting, since they can be an issue for players with epilepsy. Thunders...
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Patch notes
Dear koi farmers, A small patch has been published today: A white or black screen crash has been fixed. Some users encountered crashes where the screen turned b...
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More card storage
Dear koi farmers, By popular request, I've added more empty pages to the card book. When all challenges have been completed, the book has 30 empty pages availab...
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Koi Farm for Mac
Dear koi farmers, Thanks to ItchyTanuki (who paints lovely watercolors ), a Mac build for koi farm is now available on For now, the Mac version of koi...
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Save slots
Dear koi farmers, By popular request, Koi Farm now supports three save slots, so three totally different koi ponds can be created. Existing saves will automatic...
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Patch notes
Dear koi farmers, Since the source code has been published, several players have already contributed small improvements and more translations. I have included t...
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Source code released
Dear koi farmers, As of today, the source code of Koi Farm is publicly available on GitHub . The game is written in HTML & JavaScript and it uses WebGL to rende...
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Custom translations & new card book pages
Dear Koi Farm players, By popular request, I've created an easy way to add new translations to the game. This public GitHub repository contains all language fil...
Last post
Picked up the game a few days ago, and, from what I have been able to play, the game is very enjoyable. However, I am ha...
started by VincentMW Sep 03, 2021
2 replies
Hello :) My idea is, while you have a fish in the card, you can name/rename it. Maybe even have a search tab where you c...
started by MaySobe Aug 29, 2021
1 reply
I need this game! Any plans for a Mac release? Thank you :)
started by ItchyTanuki May 17, 2021
10 replies
Hi everyone, I enjoyed Koi Farm on Steam a lot and wanted to share my review with you. It's written in German, but I hop...
started by Gamer's Palace May 11, 2021
1 reply
Hi there, I bought the game on steam and played it 8 hours straight. After 6 hours it stopped being fun. So here are the...
started by Orasund Mar 05, 2021
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Heya! Very relaxing game - love it! Would it be possible to have an extra pool at all? It would be helpful, as then I co...
started by Starbeamrainbowlabs Feb 27, 2021
4 replies
Would it be possible to also add the ability to drag over the water? Right now we can splash a single dot, but it could...
started by Jean-David Moisan Feb 27, 2021
1 reply